Tuesday, February 12, 2008

[APPLE OS X] Updates Galore, and Panther Strikes Back!

Hiya folks! Just like to remind all of you users that Apple has not only recently released an update for Leopard (10.5.2), but apparently also released two security updates for the rest of us folks still using Tiger (10.4.11).

We here at YourMacStore, have come across a treasure trove of PANTHER (10.3) Discs that can be used to upgrade your older Cubes and systems to that and then on to Tiger! Check out our website to pick some of these up when they become available later this week!


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Apple announced this week that has increased the size of the iPhone to a 16GB model. For all of those folks out there who have been dying for space, well there ya go, eh? Can't argue with just a bit more memory to cram some more music or applications into that tiny thing, right? I think I can.

It's not that they've added more memory, but it's that they waited 10+ days after Macworld to do so. So, no prior announcement, just 'BLAMMO' there it is. After spending years in the gaming industry that could never hit deadlines, and then coming to the computer industry which is just as famous (or infamous), I really dislike this kind of sales tactic. It thoroughly upsets your customers. A customer comes in on one day, buys an 8GB iPhone thinking it's top of the line...and then finds out the next day that his brand new phone was replaced with a better one for sale for just a little bit more money the next day. Granted, he can return it...but it's a little irritating to have to go through a return process, when to avoid things like that, all a company has to do is to properly announce release dates.

I was proud of the fact that when I announced a release date two months in advance for one of the games I worked on, they were hit 95% of the time. Those kinds of things give customers something to look forward to, to save for and plan around. Stealth releases like this iPhone upgrade really don't hit the mark, and always makes me wonder why companies don't think high enough of customers to do this to them now.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing to see this kind of upgrade, but a little thought into the marketing would have garnered more sales for this item...don't y'all think?

Just my 2 cents on marketing a product. Now remember folks, if you're in a primary state, get out and vote tonight! :)