Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got MacBook Air?

No, It is not me. But my boss did. Oh well, he has almost all kinds of Macs, so you know, I wasn't so suprised when he showed me his MacBook Air, but.... hummmm, what can I say? SHE looks so damn beautiful... so thin, stylish, and.... light as a feather...!!

My boss told me about some pros and cons about MBA. few weeks after he got it.
He said its functions are satisfactry, multi track pad is so useful but its wedge shape pokes his belly... yaada, yaada, yaada...

Okay, Mr. boss. I don't know how you use it, but don't you complain about poking your gut.
She is so pretty. Pretty enough to have thorns.... you gotta deal with it :)))

Thursday, June 19, 2008

FSJ Got a New Job!!

I love his B-log.
His entries are witty, yet entertaining. There's no doubt that his B-log is one of the sources of staires among computer technology industry.

As most of you know, FSJ(Fake Steve Jobs) revealed his identity. He's a Forbes editor, Dan Lyons. Silicon Alley Insider reported that he's leaving Forbes after ten years run for Newsweek. It looks like he's taking FSJ with him even though Forbes's hosting his B-log. However, FSJ announced that he's going take some time off.... not because his health concern(smile), but he's focusing on "his own change".

Yeah, I know, I know.... It's gonna take for a while to get to use to new job no matter who you are... even though for (Fake) Jobs!!! I can hardly wait his new enty at Newsweek :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

iPhone got cheaper,and Steve Jobs got....

Yup. iPhone is no longer the gadget we have to think twice before buying it. It cost $599 a year ago, and now it's available at way cheaper price and faster 3G speed! I got myself a blackberry curve the other day....hummmm, I should have waited.... Maybe I am selling my blackberry on eBay or something and buy new iPhone... good idea, huh?
iPhone wasn't only one that suprised us at WWDC keynote presentation. Y'all noticed Apple C.E.O., Steve Jobs got slimmer...well, frankly, thinner. Jobs was recovered from pancreatic cancer 4-5 years ago. Back then, he lost lots of weight and made us so worry. So what happened to him this time???
According to TheWall Street Journal, Jobs has been sick with common infection. Looks like nothing serious.....
Well, when I got terrible liver infection a few years ago, I lost 12lbs in three weeks. If you don't eat or drink for three weeks, yup, it's possible. I know it's kind of silly to compare me with Jobs, but I do hope he's feeling better and getting quick rebound as I did...!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

OS X 10.5.3 is Now Available!

This update is quite big.... It is 420MB.
Yeah, I've updated my MacBook Pro to 10.5.3, but... hummmm, I really don't feel any big change??? The contents are just as usual, like better compatibility, stablility, blur blur blur.
So what's up with this update?

As you know, WWDC is on the corner. And Apple will probably launch new iPhone with 3G compatible. So I am guessing there're lots of iPhone related modifications are included in this update.

WWDC is coming up next week! We gotta keep our eyes on the conference :))