Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got MacBook Air?

No, It is not me. But my boss did. Oh well, he has almost all kinds of Macs, so you know, I wasn't so suprised when he showed me his MacBook Air, but.... hummmm, what can I say? SHE looks so damn beautiful... so thin, stylish, and.... light as a feather...!!

My boss told me about some pros and cons about MBA. few weeks after he got it.
He said its functions are satisfactry, multi track pad is so useful but its wedge shape pokes his belly... yaada, yaada, yaada...

Okay, Mr. boss. I don't know how you use it, but don't you complain about poking your gut.
She is so pretty. Pretty enough to have thorns.... you gotta deal with it :)))

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