Thursday, June 19, 2008

FSJ Got a New Job!!

I love his B-log.
His entries are witty, yet entertaining. There's no doubt that his B-log is one of the sources of staires among computer technology industry.

As most of you know, FSJ(Fake Steve Jobs) revealed his identity. He's a Forbes editor, Dan Lyons. Silicon Alley Insider reported that he's leaving Forbes after ten years run for Newsweek. It looks like he's taking FSJ with him even though Forbes's hosting his B-log. However, FSJ announced that he's going take some time off.... not because his health concern(smile), but he's focusing on "his own change".

Yeah, I know, I know.... It's gonna take for a while to get to use to new job no matter who you are... even though for (Fake) Jobs!!! I can hardly wait his new enty at Newsweek :)

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