Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome to the blog!

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the first blog entry for's new blogging site. Here you're going to get a lot of information about the Mac hardware and accessories we offer, as well as chat about upcoming items from Apple too!

Let me talk a little bit about myself, so you can get to know me a little better. My name is Mike Leader, and I handle the sales and customer support for YourMacStore. I've been using Macs for many years, whether it was in college, or at several other companies I've been with over the years. Heck, when I was in elementary school, I was the first student at our school to get to use the brand new Apple IIe. I was very proud of that, and it helped give me an interest in all computer related things as I grew up. In college, Macs were used extensively on campus, and they were a part of our everyday lives. Several years after college, I began working at a game manufacturer company, and they used Macs exclusively, and I ended up relearning a lot about them. For the 5 years I was there, I used Macs every day and became quite familiar with them and their innate usefulness. Whether it be for graphics, layout and design, or just ease of use and cost for a company...they innundated almost every aspect of my life. (Granted, like many others I also use PCs, because I believe in a balance in all things.)

Now I find myself here at Vintage Computer, a place run by Mac Lovers for Mac Lovers. Everyone here is wonderful, and really supports the dream of bringing better Mac hardware and accessories to Mac users around the world. If you have a question about Mac hardware, software or accessories, you're welcome to discuss them on the YourMacStore Forums.

Look for the first entry about our items to follow right after this post!


Mike Leader
Sales & Customer Support

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