Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 3G is here!!

Nope. Not until tomorrow here in U.S. But in Japan, it is.
There were more than 800 people in line in front of Japan's iPhone's career, SoftBank Omote Sando shop in Tokyo this morning. After an hour and half, their supplies were gone. Phew, it sounds like so hard for Japanese folks to get iPhone..

As a Mac specialist, we were in line to get iPhone last year. Our staffs scattered to a couple of Apple store and AT& T shop to get just one iPhone since we had no idea how good iPhone's first supply was. Well, the supply wasn't bad at all. Our staff waited eight hours in line, but we were able to get it. And as you know, even though you go to Apple store late on the day, you were able to get iPhone without standing in line....

Some people have been waiting in front of Apple Store. I am not sure how good or bad the supply will be, but this year, we are kind of... chill to see what's up.

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