Friday, April 20, 2007

[Apple News] AppleTV to land in Target stores...

As reported over on Apple Insider today, it looks like Target will join the other major electronics stores in carrying the Apple TV product. While they already carry it in their online store for sale, this is an interesting move for them. Target isn't known for it's big and flashy looking floor displays and I can tell you from personal experience (after working as a logistics team member for them many years ago) their staff usually doesn't have the technical knowledge to explain how an answering machine works, let alone a 40GB video streamer. However, with some luck and some possible employee training, this could work out for Target. Not every family shops regularly at Best Buy, and a move into a larger semi-big-box store that caters to the average family, might actually perk some sales up.

It really all depends on if Target is able to step up to that kind of retail move.

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