Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Speck Products Presents:

The SeeThru case for MacBook Pro

13” varieties

15” varieties:

Everyone loves to keep his or her gadgets protected, because naturally we’re all a little clumsy. Who hasn’t dropped their iPod or notebook at least once? Heck, the first thing my girlfriend got when she got her iPod for her birthday was a clear plastic case to keep it from getting scratched…and to look at the inscription on the back too. I know you’re saying, “Mike, what about notebooks and laptops?” Especially with the great look that Macbooks have, we don’t want them to get scratched, and that would mean either not taking them out of the box they came in, or finding the right kind of case.

The SeeThru case from SpeckProducts is pretty darn cool, provides a lot of “oomph” for it’s cost, and is available either for the 13” or the 15” MacBook Pro. The case itself is 1.5mm thick, and snaps right on with a minimal amount of work. However, we found that attaching the bottom part is a little bit tricky, just because you have to make sure that the little hooks are in the right place. However, once in place, the SeeThru really…well…shines through. It not only has openings in the case for you to get at all of your ports and indicators without any issue. This coupled with the 74 vents on it to make sure that the heat from your MacBook is properly vented, helps to keep the case light, but durable. It also has some nice little rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on slick surfaces.

One of the best things about the Speck SeeThru cases is not just the scratch protection, but the esthetic value of the color change. You can see at the links posted above what a MacBook Pro would look like in each of the colored cases. The 15” ones, for example, have a wonderful red case, that when placed on a black MacBook Pro creates a wonderful dark cherry color, and while on a white MacBook Pro it is a bright red color that practically leaps off of the case at you.

These items will go a long way for users who want to stand out from other Mac users AND protect their notebooks from scratches. I might even dare say that someone creative enough could do all kinds of things with the clear case, even getting out their paintbrushes and painting it! (Please note that Speck Products doesn’t advocate this, and neither do I, but it sounded creative at the time.)

In the end, this is a great little worthwhile product, and if you’re looking for a way to keep the scratches off of your MacBook Pro, then it’s the item for you!

-Mike Leader

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Our Black 15" ones are now in back in stock! Order away! :)