Tuesday, April 17, 2007

[Product Review] DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK...

Hey there folks! We just got some great new stuff in from FastMac…their release of the G4 7455 1.4GHz/2MB Dual CPU upgrade. Now, just so you know, you can’t even get this at the FastMac online store…but you can get it from YourMacStore!

In many situations, thanks to the 2MB L3 Cache, the 7455 1.4GHz actually can beat the 1.8 GHz Dual. Roughly speaking, the performance is about the same between the two processors because of the L3 Cache on the 7455 1.4GHz model. (Want to know the difference between an L2 and L3 Cache? Check this link out…) While the 7455 is older and of a lower clock speed than the 7447, it seems to have been given another chance as of late. I say this because Sonnet pretty much discontinued the majority of the 7455 line of products, except for the 1GHz models. They have faith in their abilities to stack up against other processors and at a decent price too. Now if you look at the Giga 1.4GHz for Cube, FastMac 1.5GHz, and FastMac 1.4GHz Dual, they are all from the 7455 line as well. I’d say with how it’s going now for the 7455 model, you could call it a comeback…but, “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.”

(ok lame reference to an LL Cool J song, I apologize…Just FYI so you know, things like this get stuck in my head all day and they have to pop out eventually. )

The primary reason that the 7455 is sticking around is that the chip itself has become quite a bit less expensive in the past year. Recent improvements on the 7455 have given it the ability to work with a lower voltage, so power consumption is quite a bit lower than previous 7455 models…which was the prior model’s weak-point in comparison to the 7447.

Well in the end, we feel that you can’t argue with a low price and great performance…right?

(Yes, thanks for your patience...I had to take a sick day on Friday the 13th and couldn't post...but I'm back in action...and we've got more posts for the rest of this week coming up daily!)

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Roger said...

Nice commentary on the duals & the comback of the 7455. We will have a page soon on our website talking up the pros and cons of all the G4s, G5s and Intel machines. Thank you for your continued support :-)