Thursday, April 19, 2007


We all have looked at, scanned, or even scoured eBay at one time or another. It’s become a part of our global culture these days, putting an international marketplace up where anyone can sell anything (well not anything, but you get the idea). However, as many people have found, those good deals you’re looking at aren’t always good deals. Sure, you can get yourself a new ATI Radeon 7500 video card for your Cube, but how many of the folks glancing at that auction actually know that while it’ll work for the Cube, it could actually cause a serious meltdown? That card, for example, isn’t designed to fit inside the Cube’s tight frame, and you’d have to actually grind the case to fit it into the slots already there…as well as expose your Logic Board to extreme heat created by it. To quote Captain Jack Harkness, you’d need to tell your computer to “set your alarm clock for Volcano Day,” and nobody wants that.

This is why we here at YourMacStore strive to provide our Cube owners with not only that awesome card, but the special bracket that goes with it to help it fit in your Cube right. Not only that, but also a special extended heatsink on it to help keep your Logic Board safer from heat damage. So while you’ll be paying a bit more than that online auction, you’ll be ready to go with all the items you need, instead of finding out after the fact that you need more than just the card. Not to forget to mention that if you didn’t know you could get those items from YourMacStore (and not some random eBay person), you could be facing a complete loss of your Cube, and that would be awful.

Now, many of you reading this are pretty knowledgeable about situations like this, and while we wouldn't expect you to make an error like this, it can happen to a not-so-knowledgeable user. So if you can, make sure to let your fellow Cube-Owners know where they can go to get the items to keep their Cubes intact.

Building a better bargain isn’t always about selling to make money, but in the end it’s about selling the correct items to a customer, so they are protected. You don’t want to lose a valuable customer to something like I mentioned above…they could walk away from Macs entirely after a meltdown…and we all don’t want that. We here at YourMacStore really want to give the best bargain possible…but sometimes the better bargain involves paying a little bit more than just bottom of the bucket pricing.

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