Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Part 2 - A Well-Made Mistake...

Well, in the end, we all can make mistakes. Like we're always told, if we learn from those mistakes, we can grow and not repeat them...or in the case of really good people, get into the same situation and conquer that problem without making that same mistake again. Apple isn't a perfect company...who is? Even they have made some stinkers, but they've gone on and learned from their mistakes and improved their products because of that. This shows the true growth of the company as a whole...but let's show some of their failures and how they were learned from...

The Newton
- Now some of you are going to start shouting at me "The Newton was cool! It changed everything!" Right. I understand that, however financially it really was a big failure. Big blocky thing, bad handwriting recognition program, etc etc...but where has the Newton got Apple to today? Why the iPhone of course! Now what they wanted originally can be set up in the iPhone with smaller and more efficient technologies.

The Macintosh TV - Wow...Looking at that picture brings back memories. The world just wasn't ready for TV on a computer back in 1993...but also it had a pretty shoddy graphical performance, and the computer couldn't playback TV on the computer's desktop. However, Apple is back now with Apple TV, bringing iTunes content to TV screens across the nation.

The Macintosh Portable
- Holy smokes this thing is heavy! Bulky, 16 pounds, and practically useless by today's standards, the Mac Portable definately led the way with innovative design. The nice slim laptops/notebooks we have today from Apple and other manufacturers were born out of finding out that people couldn't carry a 15 pound portable computer!

You see, we all can make mistakes...and it's ok for companies to do that (Anime fans, ask me about the Initial D ccg sometime)...as long as they learn from it and grow a better products from that lesson.

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