Thursday, May 3, 2007


Ok so we've talked about internal SuperDrives and external SuperDrives...but what about the Cube? Is the Cube left hanging in the wind on this one? No Way! Here's the solution:

Internal 8x SuperDrive (DVD+-R) for Cube UJ-85J+BKT

As many of y'all know, the Cube's optical drive is the slot-loading type, which was incredibly new when the Cube was launched. However, many years later, it's out of is bigger than the latest slim drive, and its spec is poor. Tsk tsk...poor Cube, destined to slave away with a slow optical drive...Not so! All you would need would be an adapter and you would be able to work it out.

Enter Spirica. Spirica is a Japanese manufacturer (with which we at YourMacStore are deeply cooperating) who created a special adapter (bracket) for the Cube. This adapter makes it incredibly easy to add the latest type of slim drive to your Cube...theoretically. (Hey, nothing is ever really universal, is it?) We do recommend that if you do go the route with the Spirica bracket, that you need to set your HDD to Slave.


Well there you have it, our first Trilogy of Tech posts. We're always looking for new topics, so if YOU have an idea for a Tech post that we at YourMacStore can use, drop me a line at to let us know! Feedback rules!! :)

-Mike Leader

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