Wednesday, May 2, 2007


(Come on, I know some of you Boot Camp users are running City of Heroes...and like superhero references too... ;) )

For those of you with Powerbooks/iBooks, an internal SuperDrive would be pretty awesome to have. Thing is, not everyone is up to disassembling their notebook/laptop, because it does require some skill to do that. You could have it installed for you, usually at the cost of a pretty penny, on top of the cost of the item. Not all of us have this kind of money to spend (have you seen the gas prices in CA these days…$3.40 a gallon…it’s worse in Europe, but sheesh), but there is an alternative…

External Firewire/USB 2.0 Superdrive to the rescue!

Now we all know that there are many and varied external drives on the market, but we feel that this one is just a bit different. You see it works just like a genuine internal SuperDrive, only it gets to sit out on your desk or countertop and look pretty. Who needs to spend a fortune upgrading, when you get an external, plug it in and go? Since this works as a normal SuperDrive, it supports booting, works perfectly with iApps and Finder…and even works with the OS 9 Finder. Being bus powered, there’s also no worry about a power cord that will take up more space…so tell those additional AC Adapters to shove off!

In the end, there’s nothing wrong with “going external” if you don’t want to spend the cash to upgrade your computer and have new stuff installed.

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