Friday, January 11, 2008


Welcome back true believers! We here at YourMacStore have survived the fall months and Christmas sale season to be back here in January with lots of great information for you!

This next week, our owner and CFO will be traveling to Macworld 2008 to stay on top of all that's new and cool in the coming months for Mac users like you and I. According to some of the news bits I've been able to find online, it seems that this year will be about the desktop and laptop mostly. Even with all of the iPhone hype of 2007 and the cool new iPods that came out at the end of 2007, the focus SHOULD be on the Mac desktops and laptops, don't you think?

Ok so some things we KNOW are going to show up there. Microsoft will unveil Office 2008. Wooo, another Microsoft product...I can' Seriously, there are better products out there for the Mac than MS's Office program. It's a never-have, never-will-be exciting thing for me. Kinda sad when FREE products are better than a $100+ product, eh? Also, with a convention (oooh gamer term) that has over 50,000 attendees this year, they're planning on doing training there for at least 1/10th of those folks...that's a lot of notepads. ;)

Alright...rumors...good lord, y'all love rumors. Ok let's go over some of the common ones:

"Mini-Macbook" - It's known that Apple acquired a bunch of Toshiba 13.5" screens...but what they plan on doing with them is anyone's guess. Most folks tend to think that they'll be producing

"Penryn updates" - This I feel is likely...the Macbooks could use this post haste. :)

"Movie Rentals on iTunes" - I'm still sure that this won't happen til later in the year, but they might just announce it here. Who knows? It'll be interesting for sure if it does happen. Damn...I'm gonna have to give them more $$! ;)

So the plan is for our trusty folks going to Macworld 2008 to give us updates as they get them throughout the day. We'll be posting as much as possible during that time. I'll even post some more thoughts on possibilities on Monday too.

Who else wants to see Apple go all Blu-Ray, just to really upset Microsoft? :D

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