Friday, January 25, 2008


The way that people act on the internet these days in regards to things they like and dislike is pretty shameful. I'd like to believe that this place was once a great place to get objectivity and thoughtful commentary on new products. However after reading many different newsbytes, blogs and 'columns', I've found it extremely difficult to find an unbiased opinion on any real product out there. From Computers to kitty litter. Just weird.

Me, I like Apple's products. Are they the best ever? No. Nobody is perfect. Is this year like 2007, with one of the neatest products to come out in the past 10 years? Not really. The iPhone is a very cool phone, but it's not for everyone. There's a lot of negative talk about Apple's financial future, but that's how it always goes for a company that's done really well and can't continually top know, like every other company out there? Apple can't keep topping itself, but it's going to try until it hits...that's how it works.

(Wow...look at that...did i say anything mean or hateful in there? No, that's the job for people like these guys, who do this to just get hits, attention, and vent at the universe because their moms kicked them out of their basement apartments. See, that was mean. ;) )

I'm one of MANY people who "walk the line" with Apple and other electronics manufacturers. I work with Macs at the office, I own an iPod, but I own a PC laptop and a PC desktop at home. I think that a lot of the pundits really need to understand that not everyone HATES or LOVES what companies do...they'll buy what they want to buy based on what works for them. So if you're going to review a product or comment on a new release, think about how you look to other people online before you post it to your blog/news column.

Lastly, come on...get that iPod nano for your girlfriend for Valentines Day! It's PINK! (Look, I bought the old pink nano for my girlfriend on her birthday last year, and she's been giddy about it ever since...what are you waiting for?? Go do it!)

-Mike Leader
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