Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Wowsers...lots to write today...I'm really making up for the past 2 months, aren't I? ;)

Ok...the MacBook Air. Damn...just damn.

People have been chattering online for the past year about an ultra portable, tiny, thin, itty-bitty MacBook...and here it is. Weighing in at $1799, but only .76 inches tall, this little guy has everything you need to be on the go. A small 1.6GHz processor and an 80GB drive makes this little guy (that can fit in a large manila envelope!) make it a simple, on-the-go computer that will make sure you stay connected wherever you go.

What? The optical drive? Oh silly me...there isn't one. Yes, that's what I said, no optical drive. Woah...hold on with the questions...look, with the Air being so portable, and tiny, you have to leave out the optical drive. Those buggars take up a lot of space and it wouldn't be very thin if you had it in there, would it? Never fear, the folks at Apple have figured out a solution to no optical drive...and it surprised me, as I never would have thought of it. The Air comes with software that allows you to share another local computer's optical drive. If there's a Wi-Fi network available, you can ask that computer's permission to use it's optical drive and whammo...you're good to go. Pretty freakin' sweet. :)

A couple of other things (and you can see the full specs on the Apple website) to mention would be the 13.3" LED screen, and the built in iSight camera. Those are cool and all, but it's the optional 64GB Solid State Drive option that makes my head spin! Wow...we all knew they were coming, and they're here...just hideously expensive. Totally worth the outlay in cash, even if the prices will change by next year to make them more affordable.

Sorry about that, had to take a break to clean up my drool over the SSD. Ok...So as you can see there's so much to be seen right now. Run to the Apple website and check out all of the new goodies that they're offering...this year looks to be pretty good if you ask me. Like SJ said at the keynote...that's just 2 weeks of this year, we've got 50 more to go!

Forever WOOHOOing,

Mike Leader

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