Tuesday, June 12, 2007

[Product Review] APIOTEK AND THE READER...

Once upon a time...in the land of Aisatsea, the pretty cool APIOTEK 18-in-1 Card Reader was born. The folks across the seas in Eporue and Acirema had not seen this amazing little gadget yet and were sure to be happy with it...

Apparently my children will fall asleep after the first 2 sentences of that fairy tale...I'll have to write more for future use. Anyway, one of the fun things that we do here at YourMacStore.com is to import new and interesting accessories and hardware from manufacturers that we trust in Asia. APIOTEK is one of our newer partners, and when we happened across their 18-in-1 card reader, we were quite excited. Not only is it just a card reader, but it's designed for your Macbook! You can see by the picture in the previous link that it's designed to slide right into the port designed for it on your Macbook, and be flush with the computer. The only part that would stick out away from the unit itself would be the card that is inserted into the card reader.

Now, the 18-in-1 lives up to it's name (you can see from the links provided), but what it does above and beyond that is pretty cool. Right now, it handles pretty much all of the flash memory cards available on the market, but it is already ready to handle 16GB and 32GB cards when they become more available. Nothing like being ready for future items, so you don't have to update to handle the newest product!

As show in prior links, YourMacStore.com is currently carrying this product at $28.95

-Mike Leader

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