Monday, June 11, 2007


DASHBOARD! (we all love widgets!)

Jobs is very happy with the over 3000 widgets designed for the OS. Since developers and fans write their own so often, Apple is going to be doing their best to keep up. (He demos a Movie Times one that helps select a movie and order the tickets through Fandango. - Woot! Steve likes Pirates 3! I knew he was a pirate!) Apparently you'll be able to use Safari to create a widget from a webpage. Oh wow...he saw something on Yahoo he liked, clipped it out with "scissors" and now it's a widget. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! (someone just mentioned that he previewed this last year...but NOW it works! cool!!!) All widgets are live and will update automatically. This "Dash Code" is available NOW, but it ships with Leopard automatically.

Feature #9 - iChat

Looks like parts of Photo Booth are coming to iChat, and Jobs goes on to tell some heartwarming stories about families keeping in touch with it. So we're looking at better Audio for it (AAC-Low Delay), Tabbed Chats, and Photo Booth effects. It will also apparently allow you to create Backdrops and there is an iChat Theater to share chats. Oh wow...anything that works with Quick Look will work with iChat Theater! He's sharing an Excel file with Phil Schiller. They're now making jokes using the Backdrop features...Phil's mouth is now on Steve Ballmer's (CEO of Microsoft) face...too funny.

more to come...

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