Monday, June 11, 2007

WWDC Update #2

Ok now we're on to the OS! Some stats quoted by Jobs:

*Tiger - most successful Apple release
* 22 million active OSX users, 67% use Tiger, 23% use Panther, and 10% use older versions

More items:
300 features in Leopard and we'll see 10 today.
New Desktop (Dock is narrower, new menu bar, consistent window look, prominent active window)
Utilizing "Stacks" to keep desktop clean - downloads have stack in the Dock, and all stacks either stay in dock, or on a grid. Stacks are using Core Animation!) First note of Jobs saying "BOOM!" :)

Woo! New finder! Sidebar has search function built in that has "smart searches" that are customized. Finder now works like iTunes...view it in ANY way, and has Cover Flow. The sidebar is also the place where you will see the shared items from the local network. Cover Flow will allow to browse a computer like browsing a PDF. Over a network too. You can play video with it as well.

Looks like .Mac subscribers will have new goodies as well...more on that next.

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