Monday, June 11, 2007


CORE ANIMATION! WOOO! (shush, I think it's cool!)

Designed for designers, but is easy to use. Utilizing flashy animation inside an application that is handled by the OS, not the application. Automatic Animation, Text, images, video, open GL. Offering higher production values to developers for their applications. This is going to be fun.

Next up, Boot Camp!

Boot Camp is going to be built in to Leopard, allowing you to run XP & Vista at native speed. Should be used as a compliment to Parallels and VMWare. Jobs explains how happy they are to have Parallels and VMWare to help with giving their users more options.

Next up, Spaces!

Group applications in Spaces, and you can easily transition from one to the other. His example shows a game in one, and Safari & Mail in another. This helps to work with multiple desktops running on the same computer. Audio only comes through on a space if it is you can quickly shut off that music when taking a call! ;)

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