Monday, June 11, 2007

WWDC Update #3

Ok. For .Mac users, it's now also going to be used as a HUB between your matter where they are. That's the quick way to say it...

Next, Quick Look. Let's you instantly preview files without opening applications for them. Works with all popular file types and plug-in modules will be available for developers. The demo looks like the movie/album viewer in iTunes. To demo how it works, Jobs found a pdf, selected it, hit the space bar, and a preview window opened without launching the application. Cool! It expands out from all finder views, windows, lists or Cover Flow.

(Crud, my audio from the conference just died! Well back to text updates...)

Feature # 4 - Leopard is 64-bit from top to bottom. This makes it the first OS to go 64-bit. One version of Leopard runs 32-bit and 64-bit applications side by side! Demo shows that a 32-bit system is having issues uploading a 4GB photo. The 64-bit version took 28 seconds, 32-bit version took 81 seconds to run filters on the 4GB photo.

next, feature #5 - CORE ANIMATION!

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